First time in Las Vegas for BlackHat, DEF CON and more…

October 12, 2018 - travel & gamble
First time in Las Vegas for BlackHat, DEF CON and more…

In early August 2018 I visit BlackHat and Defcon in Las Vegas for the first time. In this video I just want to casually talk about my experience and in a second video I want to talk more specifically about the main reason for this trip, which was to participate in the Defcon CTF. So on August the 5th I flew from Germany to Las Vegas via Zurich. And at the zurich airport I saw this swiss air advertisement and being german it kinda made me feel weird 😀 “I’m not leaving Switzerland – I’m taking it with me” that sounds like a german propaganda slogan from 1940. Anyway. The flight was pretty neat and this beautiful ice and snow desert of greenland was a great contrast to the sand desert that I was flying to.

I was arriving when the sun was setting and walked the strip completely exhausted to pick up a SIM card. And gosh it was still so hot outside! I had two more days before Black Hat would start so I used it to explore Las Vegas. I took my first ever Lyft or Uber to the Las Vegas sign and I told the driver my plan to walk back up the strip. He said I’m crazy to walk because of the heat, but I just couldn’t do it.

I guess Im still too german. I just couldn’t call a taxi just for this short trip to Mandalay Bay where I wanted to pickup my Black Hat badge. So I walked, it was hot a.f. But it wasn’t that bad. At the mandalay bay I also met a friend, picked up my badge and met some new random friends via twitter and we started walking up the strip.

That was a lot of fun. And the casions are just sooo weird. The most crazy casino for me was the Luxor pyramid.

I knew the pyramid from pictures but I didn’t think it was that huge! It was a legit pyramid. And it was even more crazy inside. Along all the sides of the pyramid are hotel rooms.

What the f’. That just… I just… I couldn’t comprehend. What is going on… So luxor is the egypt themed casino, then we walked by Excalibur which is like a medieval castle, reached the more european parts with the small eiffel tower and the bellagio, which is like a stereotypical french hotel and I didn’t want to go to cesar’s palace yet because I would go there for Defcon. That was quite an interesting first day. Always moving from air conditioning to air conditioning.

What an insane place. And to be honest, the next day, I had no clue what to do. I felt like I saw vegas now, there is nothing else to do in this place. So I took another rideshare to a wallmart and bought some american stuff we can’t easily get in germany.

Then the following day Black Hat started. In general it made kind of an ok impression on me, but I also didn’t have to pay for a ticket. I got a ticket from a friend who was a speaker at Black Hat.

And Speakers can give two tickets to students. And I’m still student. So that was nice. I watched some talks, for example Samuel’s talk who is in the CTF team I will be playing with in the Defcon CTF, talked to some people. And spent some time walking around the vendor area, which was just sooo foreign to me. All these security endpoint cloud providers.

Really not my world. but then I discovered the Arsenal where small technical projects get an hour to present their tools. That was really awesome. But later I learned that these awesome people don’t even get flights and accommodation?

This was besides the talks the only cool thing I saw at Black Hat. Oh well… it is a business-relation conference after all. Overall I would go again if I get a ticket, but it was also nothing special.

I wouldn’t travel this far and pay this much money just for Black Hat. But as many people will tell you, the conference alone is not why you come to Vegas. Actually there are many people coming to vegas without going to the conferences and just going to parties. And while I’m generally not a party person, in a group of other nerds, I can feel comfortable. So thanks to Ed Overflow I got my very first Las Vegas BlackHat party invite for the hackerone party invite and I also went to Zero Fox party at the top of the Delano, which was quite impressive. And actually there was the first person that just recognized me as LiveOverflow and said “hi”.

So that was interesting. And after Zero Fox I also went to the Rapid 7 party. Overall it was quite fun… doing that like once. Being here at Black Hat also meant I was able to watch the Pwnie Awards live, which I was really excited about.

But unfortunately, not to blame anybody in particular, but drunk people on a stage is kinda rough to watch. Either Way I was excited for the winners. I also finally met a colleague and friend of mine for the first time in person, @filedescriptor.

He invited me over to the hackerone hacking event, a multi day event where they invited some bug bounty hunters, and did bug bounties on different targets each day. And that was also super cool to see. I also met other people I only knew from twitter before, and also met Zeta Two who I even collaborated with before and has also started to make some content and streams on YouTube. Also with all the parties and other events going on I really noticed again how having a network really helps to have a good time. I mostly had a great time this trip because I got into parties and events, on short notice, just because. For example a friend at google provided me a ZeroG invite on short notice.

And so I’m aware that I wouldn’t have had the same experience 3 years ago. Three years ago, before all this youtube stuff, I would have been another awkard silent guy walking around alone, not talking to anybody. And just making some dumb youtube videos, makes people start to care. And that kinda makes me feel a bit weird, but on the other hand it also kinda makes me proud a bit, that I finally feel accepted and respected in this security community through something I have done.

I wish I was respected for cool research, but that doesn’t work if I don’t do cool research, but oh well. I take what I can get. And so in general I was only met with kindness and people going out of their way to help me have a good time. And that was really really nice.

Anyway. The night before Defcon our CTF team Sauercloud met in the suite we booked to play from and we did some first preparing. I will make another video specifically about the CTF which will be a bit more technical but to summarise, it was so much fun. I really loved it.

Even though I couldn’t really contribute that much, it was still thrilling and exciting to be part of. And after the CTF there was a cool party in the Suite from the Shellphish CTF team, because they had like a two story suite. I have never in my live stood in a crazy hotel suite like that. What kind of people book this. I mean to host a whole CTF team that makes sense, but what kind regular people do that. So that was crazy.

Oh! And before I forget it, I also finally met Murmus CTF, he also has a YouTube channel and he was playing right next to us for team spaceballs. So that was definetly a highlight for me.

At the last day I went out to dinner with some from our CTF team and we walked through this fake italian romantic street, with fake stone plastic floor and fake sky and that just gave me the finishing punch. What the F’ las vegas. This is just getting too much. I was here only for about a week and I started to not being able to stand this complete fakeness and facade of it all. It’s insane to think that this whole place exists just because people throw money away with gambling. On my last day I ate some nice food I got recommended on twitter and spent a large part of the day with another random person from twitter and had some nice conversations about the arabic hacking community.

So that was cool because I never really was exposed to it. Then we drove to the airport when the sun was setting again and finally flew back home into sanity. Before I finish this video I would like to answer a question I got a few times. If it is worth to spend so much money for tickets and travel to attend conferences. And that answer, is like for most questions, not simple to answer. So I would like to say that totally depends on you.

My first conferences I went to were free conferences so I only had to pay for Hotel and travel – and that was already expensive as a regular student. But I did enjoy it, because it’s an interesting atmosphere and if you watch the talks you might get exposed to new fields. But there is no secret content there.

Theoretically you can just watch talks online or consume other forms of media. So you don’t really pay for education, as much as you pay for a change in environment. Taking a break from the regular day-to-day and switch context to a different world for 2 days and meet new people. But meeting people is not so easy, I’m generally a very introvert person, and didn’t have any cool project to talk about introduce myself, so back then I was mostly sitting around alone. But for me that was super relaxing and I just enjoyed the atmopshere. It was really motivating me to learn more and maybe someday be the person telling other people something on the stage.

Nowadays it’s a bit different. I like to spend money on trips to conferences like the chaos communication congress. I probably spend around 2500$ in flights, hotel and other expenses (not including lost work time as a freelancer) to go to Blackhat and play Defcon CTF. And that’s a crazy amount, right?

I would have not spent this money three years ago. Now it’s different. I have a small network of people I know and I’m excited to meet and I don’t have any wrong expectations about a conference and to me it’s taking a break from regular life. So saving up a lot of money and then visit one or two conferences in the hopes you will learn everything and find a cool job, then nope, that’s not a good idea.

A handfull of trips won’t really have that big of an impact. Though every conference, and other meetups and events are potentially offering opportunities. And the more you try, the higher the chance is to benefit from it. So what that means is, if you have money and traveling to a conference is a small percentage from your annual income (or your company pays it), then go, why not.

But if it’s a large junk of money, then be sure you really like it and go there without high expectations. And I’d suggest to try something small and local first. BlackHat, DefCon or CCC wont magically make you a security expert or find your new higher-paying job. There can be opportunities there, but if you have low expectations then you can’t get disappointed. And if you ask me personally, for me Defcon and Blackhat seem a bit overhyped. I personally like the Chaos Communication Congress a looot more, though that might just be my bias speaking, as that’s more like the conference culture I grew up with.

Going to Defcon CTF was overall awesome, and I happily paid for my trip – Nobody sponsored me. But some members from our CTF team that I played with, were supported by the following companies, and so thanks for making it possible and giving them the opportunity to travel to Defcon as well. As their team-mate I really appreciate that. So thanks to greenbone.

HiSolutions, Crowdstrike, VMRay and GData.