Forsen Competes in a Swedish Poker Competition

October 11, 2018 - poker game tips
Forsen Competes in a Swedish Poker Competition

Sheep Island, Gotland. We are back with Bootcamp 2016. 6 people will get the best benefits to win the national poker championship online Let’s go! In every episode the participants battle it out to win a private poker lesson with our coach Jonatan Fag. And those who don’t win gets another lesson around the same topic by me, dybban, and you don’t want it.

Forsen: I expect to become a better poker player. There are similar elements in Hearthstone and poker. uuh for example bluffing and calculate outs. Be careful with the stack when you are so short.

I expect to win First prize in sight. May the best man or woman win. Good luck!

EleGiggle gg! Welcome out! Thanks So you have to try not think about it when you’re playing.

The most aggressive is not the best player. Most of the times If you’re not experienced as a poker player then aggressivity can be very costly Forsen: He raised a lot and made a lot of bluffs. He had 3 of nines. I defeated him yesterday so maybe it was payback. Toes point forward and let’s do a low squat And do 6 hot loads. This was one of the toughest things I have done Good morning class.

Good morning teacher. At first I thought, don’t say we’re going to swim.

For fuck sake! Forsen: Has it ever stung you? No Kappa My girlfriend (Nani) would’ve freaked out here. She hates scorpions and spiders. I have pretty big balls when it comes to risks.

I don’t think I have any certain fear of anything. Now I’ll show you how to win a heads-up. forsenE Do you have K5?

I misclicked. I want revenge. It’s over. I gambled a bit more than usual. What happened happened. He won.

Never First BabyRage Go! Get down a bit. Let’s go. Orgasm now.

Scream louder. Or else you’re a weeb. It’s too much.

Educational poker terms but especially all fun we had. Forsen: It feels good before the final day. I have tricked everyone thinking I have a certain play style. Ok, guys! Everything you’ve done during this week comes down to this, the finale table! Do you remember all the catchwords we’ve talked about during the whole week.

And everything you’ve learnt? Good luck. gg!

How does it feel? It feels okay. But even first one out? Yes, It’s first out or nothing. You must win.