Macau Gambling Guide

October 6, 2018 - travel & gamble
Macau Gambling Guide

We’re in Macau already.

We need to buy visa first. Thank you. We are already in the shuttle.

In Macau there are a lot of casinos and hotels. That’s why they suggest to travelers free shuttles to their hotels and casinos. We are already in one of them and we are going to The Venetian. Welcome to luxury life. Everything is sparkling. So bright.

This is the place where people spend all their money. There’s already casino, but we want to go to cannels first. The feeling’s like we are outside. Look at this sky.

It looks so natural. So right now we are on the food street inside the hotel. and as usual a lot of people. It doesn’t matter are we still in China or not, people are eating everywhere and all day long. Right now we’re going to the cannels, where you can have a ride. souvenirs Cannot?

The seller said that I cannot record there. The funniest arcade here, in Venetian hotel, is , of course, having a ride in gondola. Someone is coming. And also I like that girls, that are working here, are from different countries. Some of them are from Italy, Some of them are from Ukraine, Some of them are from Russia. Another one is from Portugal.

Like international cast. And all of them have really beautiful voices. So I want to tell you one story. We were waiting for our gondola and met one person.

After some conversation we understood that we are from the same city. I’ve never thought, that I can meet a person from the same city so far away Yeah. It was really interesting. Where are you from? Ukraine. Dobry den.

Dobry den. I like that people here are very very friendly. Really! Max, what are you waiting for?

Food, money, casino. What’s you name? Valeri. Valeria, nice to meet you. Me too. Stabilizer is so heavy.

Moving on. I’m still in love with this sky. So natural. I like that people enjoy their job.

Just look at it. The casino is there, so we are going downstairs. But the recording is not allowed. That’s why we’ll tell you our emotions and feelings after. We’ve just went from casino, and today is not our day.

Not a lucky day for us. And right now we are in the very beautiful hall and the floor here is really gorgeous, and has 3D effect. So it looks amazing. The hall is very beautiful. The spirit of Christmas is still here. Holly Molly, look at it!

OMG Wow! I have never been to Las Vegas. But I think Macau is a great city to visit. and with him I’m living. And now we are in Paris, already.

Wow! And I’m still impressed with all this luxury stuff. All my emotions I can explain only in one word: Wow, wow and again WOW.

Someone wants to come back. A lot of coins there. Max is also looking for it.