Online Craps Tip of the Day

March 16, 2019 - casino games
Online Craps Tip of the Day

Here is a simple online gambling article about the interesting casino game of craps. Not many beginner casino players start out playing craps, but they are at least interested in its excitement value. After all, this is the casino game you see being played in so many movies where the starlet blows on the dice of the high roller and wins him money. What’s more, it the first table game you will hear in the distance – you know the hoorays and chants coming from the fans of the shooter…

What’s more, if you are old enough in your years to remember the days of carnivals and sideshows you were probably like many of us online gambling fans. You would see the game advertised and the mystique surrounding it was compelling and you pondered whether to play it or not. To this day, the table looks crazy and complicated and all the moving about at a busy table can be confusing right? It is only if you get distracted. But when you get that used car salesman vibe that came along with the sideshows of yore, you felt as though you were being fleeced if you tried the casino game at a carnival.

Yes, this casino game provides players with all the carnival vibes, even when online gambling. The intimidation such as with baccarat as well is something of a guise. There is no reason to be intimidated here or any other casino game – this is unless you are betting your rent money.

With craps, the money changes hands very fast at times. The game moves on – with or without you. That is one reason people like this game – it moves pretty fast. Even when at online casinos, you will see the game hustle along for the most part.

There are tons and tons of betting options too. This is where many beginners get caught in the mix. If you walk up to a table for the first time without understanding the bets first, you can make a lot of mistakes. Yes, the game is really social (for the most part) players will tell you what they think, what to do, and many players are hanging on the coat tales of a hot shooter. One bit of cautious advice. Before you take the advice of a total stranger – someone you have never met before and most likely someone you will never see again – do the homework. However, the hoopla is hard to resist.

Just be sure you have some notion as to what is happening. Pass, don’t pass, come, don’t come bets – hard eight, wrong bettors, right bettors the list of betting options goes on and on. There are good bets and not so good bets in craps. Do not be the guy at the table making all the bad bets. You will be something to watch – but you are there to win remember, so why not get better acquainted with the wager options first. Hey, they are watching at online casinos too. If you have ever been to Vegas and have been near a craps table, you may have seen the ever-present big guy with the lady on his arm and he just bets and bets. Do not become this person. Be stealthier and have a mind of your own.

After all, there are many types of craps players – you have the casino gambling fans who will bet on one wager at a time each and the ones that spread the cash all over the place.

Just understand that this is not a casino table game like blackjack where you can sit right down for the first time and do fine with minimal understanding. Before you grab a hold of those dice, be sure that you have an understanding of this online gambling gem ahead of time. Especially when online gambling, because then you will not have someone next to you that could at least help you somewhat when looking to get started – and no one to blow on your dice either. Seriously though…

Unlike blackjack, with the game of craps is not possible to get an edge over the house or casino. No matter what wager you are making, the online casino or land-based casino will still have the advantage. But with some of the better bets, the advantage is not much. This is why it is important for you to get the word before jumping in here.