What it means to be a POKER PLAYER & how I became one

October 18, 2018 - poker game tips
What it means to be a POKER PLAYER & how I became one

You what’s up everyone how are you doing it’s 12 o’clock CET and I am feeling like super super tired that happens when you grind to 3:00 in the morning online poker my name is Gina and I’m a poker player you might wonder what is a girl like me doing in the poker world… it’s something I also used to wonder very often I consider myself in no way an average person and the way I look at life and the way I think about things is also not something very usual I had the luck to learn from some really amazing people in poker, my profession and academically as well. They taught me to always question everything even myself I mean how does ever anybody starts to play poker? You have some crazy friends who invite you to play with them a home game and then you realize that hmmm… this is actually an easy way of making some money… you think in the beginning. Being a poker player requires a lot of discipline, time energy and nerves as well. You take your money and you risk it, you put it on the line in order to make even more out of it. You can be the best poker player in the world and play the most optimal strategy and you can still lose.

It’s not guaranteed that you are going to win. But if you stick to a certain strategy and bankroll management you can lower the risk factor so much you can almost be sure that you beat the game. You can earn money and you can live your life without “working and suffering”… like you can really make yourself independent and live the life you want to live. But it is a big grind and it is also very taxing emotionally, you really have to be able to go by it in a very stoic way like like don’t attach your emotions to the money, if you put it on the table you basically lost it and if you win then you can be happy but don’t be surprised if it’s gone.

I moved to Vienna in 2010 because I got a job as a graphic designer at one of the bigger sports betting providers. At the same time I actually opened up some accounts… a Pokerstars and a PokerStrategy account as well. Life has its funny ways, one of the coaches from PokerStrategy was actually my colleague. So basically this was the beginning of a whole new era in my life of course like anybody else who tries to get serious about something I also invested a lot of time in learning. I would say I’m a semi professional poker player yeah I think the best way to develop poker game is is of course number one I would say is a coach.

I searched out events which I think offer a good ROI and where I also know that I can have some fun because of the player pool and so on I recorded a lot of my sessions on video and I was talking and speaking out my thoughts in between and then I watched it back and then I was like holy damn like this is really what I’m thinking this is really what I’m doing? I like to play for example online satellite forlive events… satellites where you win a package where they pay you the hotel the flight, you get some spending money plus the buy-in for the event… I mean these are just really fun, like this way I’ve been traveling around in Europe to very nice places. One of the best tournaments I played was in Manchester, in the Old Trafford Stadion organized by PartyPoker and you know like huge David and Victoria Beckham fan here and that was a place, the dressing room in the Old Trafford where this two met, and we just had to see it we just had to check it out but I’ve been also playing EPT Madrid for example I played in Marbella Palma de Mallorca, London, Germany, Kings Casino in Rozvadov and in Vienna in Baden so I guess you figure I’m a live tournament player…

I actually like to play Omaha cash game as well but it’s like that you need such a big bankroll for that… I just don’t have it. Live poker is like much much softer, people are just terrible in live poker… like 90% of your opponent have absolutely no idea what are they doing in the hand… as a woman I get bluffed a lot. It’s like… like with absolutely nonsense hands they just bluff me because I’m a woman. Being one of the few women at the poker tables makes it also really hard because they are going to give you comments about your clothes, about the way you look, about the way you talk, about the way you play, if you win you just had luck but anyways you are stupid, you cannot play and so on. So it’s all about ego.

I know there are a lot of efforts out there to turn poker into sport and I also think that professional poker is a sport but honestly I don’t want to be ashamed if somebody asked me “hey what are you doing” and I say “I’m a poker player” when I say “I’m playing poker” some people look at me and they’re like oh… And you know what? I don’t want this and I feel like whatever how good I behave myself whatever how much responsibility I show there are still a lot of you out there contributing to this whole image of to this whole negative image of Poker. So an average day looks like that I usually stand up around 11, 12 o’clock…

I eat some breakfast then I check out the session from the other day, maybe watch some training videos, not every day but every second-third day I go to the gym, I train a little bit and I come home make some lunch and then basically it’s on again, usually if I play online then I start around 5 or 6 o’clock in the evening with some online tournaments or if I go to play a live event these usually start 7:00 in the evening so yeah these are the options, and then it goes on we play usually till 2, 3 or 4 o’clock sometimes in the morning, depending on how deep I come in the tournament… and then I come home and I fall in bed being completely tired physically, mentally, emotionally, in every way. So it’s six o’clock and a tournament just started and I have AJ right away from small blind. So… hmm…

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